Los Banos Community Theater

The Community Theater of Los Banos is free to join and for ages 10+. We do 2 big productions per year and are always welcoming new actors & actresses to come and join.


Our Next Play is almost here!

James and the Giant Peach will be Coming to the Stage in April, 2019!

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Meet our Director of

Theatrical Production

Jennifer Ramsey

You never know where life is going to take you and though Jennifer had always been slightly interested in theater, she had stage fright, so she never went to school for theater or ever planned on attempting. But she still found her way to becoming the Director of Theatrical Production at the Los Banos Community Theater.

After moving into Los Banos from the Bay Area, Jennifer heard of a theater in town and really wanted her son, who was 6 at the time to get involved but he refused to audition unless she auditioned with him.

So she did & cried through the entire audition because she was terrified. She made it through the audition and then her whole family ended up getting involved in that play.

A little over a year later and she went from acting in the Theater to becoming the Director of Theatrical Production!

Jennifer has Directed 7 productions with Los Banos Community Theater and counting.


Recent Plays by the

Los Banos Community Theater

Los Banos Arts - beauty-and-beast-1x1.jpg

Beauty & The Beast

October, 2018

Los Banos Arts - My Son Pinocchio Geppettos Musical Tale.jpg

My son Pinocchio Geppetto’s musical tale

April, 2018

Los Banos Arts - mary-poppins_orig.jpg

Mary poppins

April, 2017


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